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Sparkles Team

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We put the "Sparkle"
in your Event!

Our goal at Sparkles Entertainment is to bring fun-enjoyable events for your family and friends. We have always been cautious on cleanliness and safety.

At this time, we have become much more aware of all contact with your guests.

Please be assured that our performers never attend an event not feeling well or just getting over a cold/flu.


Our Face Painters have taken extraordinary measures to be extra clean with all the face paints and to keep them especially safe between each child.


Our Balloon artists will not be blowing balloons by mouth but only with an air pump. We can also have Balloons Creations delivered to your home.


If you have concerns, some alternatives would be:


Glitter Tattoos


Air Brush gives children many choices of stencil designs to their liking. We can have stencils to promote the theme of your event.


Another alternative would be a Caricature Artist. There is no physical contact with the artist, and it will give your guests a remembrance to bring home. We can include your date or logo on each sketch.


Variety Performers can entertain your adult guests as well as children with a variety of juggling, unicycles, or stilt walking.


A 45-minute Family Magic Show can be enjoyed by all.


If there are any other special precautions you would like our performers to take, they will be more than willing to follow your instructions to make you and your guests feel more comfortable.


Please give us a call if you have any questions. We promise to always provide the very best in Professional-Quality entertainers for you and your guests.


Thank you


Fran Myles

Sparkles Entertainment